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 Want to buy a quarter (or half) of a grass-fed steer to raise? Near Ada, Ok.

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PostSubject: Want to buy a quarter (or half) of a grass-fed steer to raise? Near Ada, Ok.   Sun Jul 06, 2008 7:38 pm

I've got eight well-fenced acres of very nice native grass pasture, a 3-sided shed barn with small corral and piped water, plus a small pond on the north end of the place... but I just retired from the Army and have five small kids, a puppy, an old tractor, a garden and about 70 chickens... so no money to buy a steer. I found a fellow who will have a six-month old steer available in September for $500, about an hour away from me...

I'd like to find two folks who will pay $200 each (or one with $400 for a half), plus their share of processing fees when butcher time comes (1/4 or 1/2 the total processing charge, with input on the cuts that are made, etc... ). You would also pay a share of any medications, etc., required, if any. This animal would be raised strictly on grass, no hormones, etc., to pump up the growth rate, etc. It would have all the fresh air and sunshine and care it can take and be as happy as can be while growing.

If there are a bunch of folks interested, I could raise more than one animal just as easily! Up to four, say - not that I expect anything like that kind of response.

I am also going to be raising some hogs (Hampshires) that we may be able to do the same thing on, if someone wants to. They will have corn, wheat, millet and a protein supplement (non medicated) in addition to pasture and table scraps.

Post here and I'll be in touch!

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Want to buy a quarter (or half) of a grass-fed steer to raise? Near Ada, Ok.
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